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Nicoling is the process of a supervisor disliking an employee, and so said supervisor tries as hard as possible to find a legal reason to fire the employee. Such things may include but are not limited to, shift changes without notifying employee, changing hours to ridiculous times, and giving the employee impossible to complete tasks to be completed in a small ammount of time.
Guy: Mr. Insert Name totally Nicoled me, it was not cool!

Guy 2: Did he get you?

Guy: Yeah, he changed my shift without notifying me, and then fired me for absentiism, and now I can't get another job.

Guy 2: What a nicoling bitch!

Guy: I know!
by Stav Clones April 03, 2010
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1. The act of reading so deep into something that you provide a completely invalid argument, while insisting that you're right.

2. The act of saying something without even thinking about it first.
Person 1: All I'm saying is that the SJW community is actually a very loving and understanding community! Yes, we have people like that, but one bad apple doesn't spoil the bunch!

Person 2: Dude, you're nicoling again.
by Amimoo January 16, 2017
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