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The act of gradually destroying your own success, or burning up your good will.

Even though Nicolas Cage is one of the highest paid celebrities in the world, the actor is broke and lives paycheck-to-paycheck to afford his millionaire lifestyle (he owns castles, plural). So now the more terrible movies he does (just to get paid), the more people forget what they liked about him. He's downward spiraling. He's Nicolas Caging.

AKA the slow, humiliating Crash and burn.
"How's my new job going? Honestly, I should update my resume, because I am just Nicolas Caging this thing into the ground."

"Our first date was going really well, but then I told her like a hundred knock-knock jokes. Yeah, she pretty much lost interest once I started Nicolas Caging..."

"Did you hear about that guy who won the lottery and is now on welfare? That's some hard-core Nicolas Caging right there."
by ColinStandsUp November 03, 2011
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The act of committing a wrong doing or seeing something tragic, not being phased by it at the time, but years later remembering said incident then crying about it like it just happened
crap someone killed my daughter, oh well (thirty years later) they killed my daughter NOOOOOOO!, listen to johnny he's Nicolas Caging pretty bad
by mac-10 June 30, 2015
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