An amazing australian that will melt your heart.They have sexy eyes and swollen tongues.Make you laugh at everything and think things you never would.Bring out your good and bad.Also will make you want to name their penis.Almost Too good to be true.You will never ever forget your Nicko.
Alexis:Nicko is one sexc bitch.
Carol:Yeh I know Wooo.
by Lalalove. August 30, 2008
That one guy nobody hears off because he likes to block people out of his life.
Guy 1: Did you see Nickos new post on Facebook?
Guy 2: No, he blocked me because i thought he were from Spain.
by monstermatte September 4, 2016
something horrible, black hearted, cares nothing for other people, stuck up.. etc..
god, why does he have to be such a nicko? Does he have any idea how he makes her feel..
by julies mum December 7, 2006
something ratty, nerdy, ungrateful, the worst kind of personality you could possibly have
If you dont stop being such a nicko you are going to get bashed
by tahliah December 21, 2006
A little BITCH who thinks there black and cool
Get out of here, Your such a nicko, Get out of here
by biggiggles February 15, 2018
A humanlike creature, slothlike movement, with attacking charm and razor sharp wit, not to disimaler to that of a beanbag
wow check that nicko, tryin to chat up that bird ? he has a better chance pulling a retarded 5year old on smak
by all on the bonga January 11, 2005
Fucking madman who will rip your ear drums apart like he does with his drums. Kicks major amounts of ass.
by TallicaD00d October 27, 2004