When a large group of people hates someone or something, and this causes another person to pretend they hate it too. This is because everyone wants to fit in and no one wants to be the only one that likes something.
Mike: "I secretly like Nickelback, Crocs, and Justin Bieber. But I can't possibly admit that because people will hate me!"
Rasheed: "No Mike, be your own man and say what you like! Don't give in to the Nickelback Effect!"
by Diggy Smalls August 16, 2016
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A concept describing a type of music which most people find detestable, but remains profitable due to a subset of married middle class women who lack enough depth to actually enjoy it.

It's your wife and her friends. They jam out to it in the car. His voice is like audible chocolate to them. They can't help it. Nickelback's concerts are mostly reasonably attractive middle aged women and a small subset of guys looking to get laid because they have already figured this out.
Ed Sheeran wouldn't sell a single record if not for the Nickelback Effect
by Gregman11111 March 06, 2017
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