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The strong disliking of a specific person, concept, or object manifested in a metaphorical, abstract, train. The hate train is usually only known in existence to those on the hate train, but in rare occasions can be known to a few persons not on the train. The focus of the hate is NEVER aware of the train's existence.
Wayne: I never knew there was an Adam hate train goin' around.

Kevin: Oh yeah, the entire board's been on it since he became the club's president last year. The dude is a control freak.
by yello13 April 10, 2009
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Hate Train is a metaphoric train that a group of people who hate someone or something. Hate trains generally only move in one direction unless they are derailed with Supreme Logic.
They ruined our game!
Get on board the Hate Train! < <D:><D:><D:><D:> ( '')}>
by Skrylar October 03, 2007
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