A person who can be considered a sexually active slut; usually even sluttier than a prostitute, hooker, etc. Can also be used to describe a plethora of STD's.
The ice cream man is like Nick's Mom; when they come into the neighborhood, everybody runs out with $1 bills in their hands.
by NotAbeLincoln April 4, 2014
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Likes to eat raw mango deer jerky. She can be used many ways ;) . #milfnation
Nick: hey guy wyd?
You: nicks mom duh
by Freznough1332 April 17, 2019
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Just a bitch


There’s no sex joke

I’m serious, she’s just a bitch
Person 1: Damn, Nick’s mom is really riding my ass today
Person 2: Figuratively or literally?
Person 1: Both
Person 2: Damn. Been there bro
by pOng_wong April 28, 2022
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A very disrespectful way to disrespect someone’s mother when you are describing something that is very deep or wide. This phrase should only be used to describe something that fits the criteria of being deep or wide very well.
Man I saw the Mariana Trench and it was as big as Nick’s Mom’s Poon!!!!
by yumspoiledmilk June 10, 2019
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