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A shape shifting political hack who will identify himself as a conservative, but ultimately lacks conservative principles and instead lives on the motto "Support the Republican Party irrespective of what it does".

Some examples of fake conservatism in America today are:

1. Supporting a balanced budget and minimal government spending, but being a Stakhanovite supporter of fighting costly wars in the middle east that burgeon national debt.

2. Claiming to be opposed to federal entitlements, but expanding spending on programs such as "No Child Left Behind", and politicizing the actions of the Federal Reserve.

3. Opposing welfare payments to unemployed Americans, but having no scruples whatsoever about (but more often, actively supporting) sending an unconditional blank welfare check to Israel every year.

4. Being lax on 'national' security by overlooking weak immigration laws and poor aviation and port security, choosing instead to use the American military to fight Israel's wars for it in the middle east.

5. Calling Britney Spears' sister a 'pinhead' for getting pregnant before marriage, but worshiping Bristol Palin for doing the same.
Most pundits on Fox news such as Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, as well as flat-out traitors in the Republican party like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and Dick Cheney are fake conservatives. They are nothing more than party hacks.
by Patr!0t July 25, 2009
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A weak-minded, indoctrinated humanoid, with immutable groupthink tendencies in support of certain politicians despite glaringly anti-conservative voting records.

Fake Conservatives ADORE emotionally potent, oversimplifications of the issues and hold fast to a pathetic "team spirit" tribalistic attitude at all costs. Fake Conservatives worry not about sadistic social policies, only that they identify as Conservative, and to Hell with everyone else.
A Fake Conservative blindly supports individuals who have tended to vote against human rights, national sovereignty and personal freedoms.
by DarthXerxes February 06, 2012
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