The prettest of all turds
by Shithouse man November 5, 2018
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When you have something everyone wants to brag about
John you have a bunch of nice shit in your crib.
by Shithouse man November 4, 2018
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originally spoken by Shaycarls mother, mother of famous youtube celebrity Shaycarl, when he made a good shot in baseball.

Now used as a general acknowledgement when Shaycarl does something of same nature.
shaycarl owns the channels
grandma/tard: "nice Shit hay,,, oopps I mean nice hit Shay"
by shaytards viewer August 15, 2011
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A common delusion afflicting the self-styled "nice girl" (who may be either male or female), which consists of the mistaken belief that he/she is soooo superior to the "great unwashed" masses that he/she is excused from the indignity of being subject to the same natural bodily functions as the rest of us. One specific sense of the word denotes sexual frigidity -- i.e., "nice girls" don't have orgasms; they only submit to sexual intercourse in order to fulfill their duty to God and Country.
The girl acts as though she had a Tastee Freez dispenser up her butt. Pretends the thought of having sex has never entered her mind. Yeah, right, and nice girls shit ice cream.
by Dinkum July 8, 2013
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