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a good situation, a nice walk on the beach, a nice beer after a long day of work,a nice blowjob,a nice sandwhich made to your desire, a nice joint, a nice dip in the pool,a nice item,any feeling of pleasure.
Yo...should we get some beers? Could be a nice hit.
by richdanguerrahit November 27, 2010
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A stroke of good luck, resulting in a beneficial situation.

Originated in poker where it is commonly used, but can be applied to everyday situations where you experience a stroke of good luck.
"I was not at all ready for this test today. Luckily it snowed 10 inches so I have more time to study." Nice hit!

"I have Ace King and the flop was Ace, 3, 7" Nice hit

"I have pocket 2's and a 2 came on the river" Nice hit!!!
by badbeatking January 21, 2014
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