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A candy from the Near East that is hard and delicious. Generally sucked on like a jaw breaker.
I love sucking on niaz, but I hate it when the juice runs out.
by CandyConnoisseur November 20, 2011
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Niaz is a beautiful,caring,HOT,funny and has AMAZING eyebrows. She may be a bit stubborn but thats one of her best features. Niaz is a make up addict and should become a model and a designer. she always slays on IG, and she's your typical Coll girl who gets a lot of boys.
by sana yousefi May 03, 2018
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A way for a white boy to say nigaz without offending black people or getting the shit beaten out of him by a group of dark colored people
- Allll you bitchezzzz... All you mutha fuckin niazzz!

- what up nia?

_ these are my niaz
by drew faro July 29, 2010
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