A Queen who only owns multiple cats. They have their mood swings and they cure them by wrapping their cats in blankets. They are absolutely obsessed with lemongrass tea from PUBLIX supermarket and only PUBLIX. Newcombs acts like they are calm, but in reality they are a pro gamer boy. Newcombs tend to hide their relationships and cosplay with long hair.
Person 1: “Bro who’s that guy with lemongrass tea?”
Person 2: “Don’t worry, he’s just a Newcomb.”
by shooter for shotaro January 2, 2022
A white trash redneck from the city who often drives at ridiculous speeds.
Look at that Damn Newcomb, driving too fast.
by crazytrucker March 14, 2015
Oldest degree granting women's college in the country. Part of Tulane University of New Orleans, Louisiana. Tulane Uiversity used Hurricane Katrina as an excuss to close this 119 year old institution, inventing monetary excuses to combine Newcomb College and the men's college Tulane College.
Newcomb College is known for their destinctive pottery style.
by leehcar September 17, 2006
One of modern day psychedelic rock's most influential song writer's. He started the band named "The Brian Jonestown Massacre". He also likes drugs.
That Anton Newcombe sure is a drug fiend........but I must say, his music is rather awesome.
by chris norman July 26, 2007
The creepy guy who always works the late shift at your local Kum and Go. He is usually overweight, wears bottlecap glasses, has a haircut that looks like that of a rebellious monk with highlights, and will often try to engage the customer in feelings talks. It would be safer and more comfortable to buy your late-night gatorade from the crack dealer across the street.
Did you see the way that Spooky Newcomb counted out my change? It gave me the willies
by walkingdictionary11 October 17, 2010
Dalhousie University students from the Girls-Only residence who come to Eliza Ritchie drunk and wreck our bathrooms. Generally their names are forgotten and cause massive scenes because of it.
Dude 1: Dude, what was her name again?
Dude 2: I dunno man, some Newcombe Sluts.
by Barneywestside February 14, 2010