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prime minister of UK between 1979 and 1990. First female, and given what she did to the country, probably the last female. Granted the powers to the EU that the conservative party now complained about. Had an unjustified war with argentina and killed tens of thousands of people overa bunch of frozen rocks when diplomacy would have got us back the islands that meant nothing to everyone in mainland UK and lots to the little racist people on them. trebled unemployment, shut down the mines (it is now worked out that if she left them alone, then it would have made the country a profit, rather than costing millions and putting thousands on the dole). oh, and a little thing called the poll tax.

In other words, the most overrated leader of the UK since the monarchy was in charge.
tory: margaret thatcher was the best thing that ever happened to this country. She put all those poor people in their place.
by RobMaaan November 27, 2005
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a country with a beautiful countryside, and lots of cheap stuff to buy but of great quality. Unfortunately, much like the villages in the South-East of England. In other words, full of racist pricks. We hitch-hiked across the country and found two racist people for every nice person.
<woman who was the first person to talk to us when we got to new zealand>: you had better watch out of the brown people.
by RobMaaan November 25, 2005
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