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6 definitions by little blue blob

The easiest food to make you only need egg, fried and rice if you can't do it u fuck up u parents are going to disown u!
haiyaa why u use saucepan to cook rice. Your Egg fried rice is gonna be wet and sticky haiyaa
by little blue blob January 22, 2021
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A mystical island that coved by clouds so you can't really see it 50% of the time, the land of sheep, kiwi, orc, elf, dwarf, wizard, short men with hairy legs, and the māori people.
For some unknown reason, the people here really love their pie.
It's pretty ok nothing much happened here. Give it a visit if you want somewhere peaceful.
Man New Zealand is so beautiful I want to go there.
by little blue blob April 23, 2021
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a drawfee character that is just a room that full of vampire and also a normal dude in there for some reason .
ex: today on drawfee Julia is gonna draw a room full of vampire ...yayyyyy
by little blue blob February 2, 2021
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also call "shy little frog " is a musical collaboration and one of the rare good content on TikTok along with "here come the boy" and life hack guy
by little blue blob September 17, 2021
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A mother who somehow always managed to die before the character goes on their journey it could be on-screen, off-screen, or in the back story this word became popular because of how many moms have died in old Disney films (not always but a lot) sometime it could be used as the force pushing the character to the plot.
some examples: Ariel's mom, Belle's mom, Anna, and Elsa's parents, BAMBI MOTHER, Tarzan, Mowgli, Snow White, Cinderella, Max ...etc they're all Disney mom
by little blue blob November 18, 2021
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it's the FRICKING season with red, yellow, brown leaves and the spooky bois. Not the name of some chick ok I search the word for 10 min now for frick sake
Wow, autumn is such a cozy season now let's go out and step on some cronchy leaves.
by little blue blob October 19, 2021
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