Fat Freddy, a fat, ginger haired, moustached hippy was of course one of "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" made famous by Gilbert Shelton of Knockabout Comics in the 1970s. Fat Freddy also had a really cool cat called "Fat Freddy's Cat".
Fat Freddy says: Keed Spills! No...wait a minute. Pill Skeeds! Er, uh...Skill Peeds! ?
by spunky monkey August 18, 2007
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Fat Freddy is a street name for Ecstasy used in Australia and New Zealand. The band "Fat Freddy's Drop" uses the street drug as a name.
Jordan: Yo dude got any Fat Freddy's?
Bailey: Ye bruv, lets get fucked up.
by jeezcakes October 20, 2015
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local new zealand terminology.

term used to describe or refer to an emerging pop culture in new zealand.

regarding a random but socially viable combination of popular new zealand music and culture, in reference to the local dub/reggae group - 'fat freddys drop' and scottish art-rock band - 'franz ferdinand'.

mostly prominant among students in the summertime.
fat freddy's ferdinands were most probably spawned by the rise of jack johnson and folk-surf music in general, they are people or groups of people who are subject to the marketing efforts of all afforementioned artists, mixed with new zealand cultural sentiment

wearing jandals, trucker caps and t-shirts decorated with generic stencil art, they will automatically attend performances by all of the artists without consideration or hesistation - export gold beer in hand.

often pre-occupied with the new zealand summer or ''kiwi summer, bro''.

they generally appear to hold little or no musical, cultural or social integrity or taste and even less musical direction - hence the reference to wealthy popular art-rock 'eccentrics' - 'franz ferdinand'.

ie: whatever's happening...
by adam-o October 30, 2005
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