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A suburb to Utica in Central New York. It is typically stereotyped as an overly wealthy area. In fact, the people there are not as wealthy as people believe. Majority are average, middle class people. Students from other schools in the area consider New Hartford students to be snobs, jerks, and preps. The New Hartford area is a great area academically. The students are typically very bright. Worldwide recognition for their great AP (advanced placement) courses. They also have a phenomenal music and theater program. The area is also quite beautiful. Yes, there are the usual “ghetto” wannabes in the area, but mass numbers are not. All things considered, New Hartford is a descent area and is a good place to raise a family. Although many stereotypes ensue due to living in the area, there are no real issues there.
Hey did you you hear that we are going to be playing those New Hartford snobs in football tonight?

Yeah, but they really aren't that bad..

Are you kidding? They are loaded there!

No, they really aren't.
by Luminosityxxx April 04, 2009

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A city in Central New York. A very diverse area- full of Italians, Polish, and refuges. To many outsiders it is a run down, and awful area. In fact, the Utica area is full of things to do and has great character. Some areas are run down, but others are full of life. The area is known for its great food. tomato pie, half moons, and chicken riggies. Many fantastic cafés with delectable pastry’s are popular in the area, and are typically buzzing with customers. Home to the FX Matt Brewery (Saranac Brewery).
Hey, wanna go to Utica?

Sure. We can go get some tomoato pie and half moons while we're there.
by Luminosityxxx April 04, 2009

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