The guy jacks off and shoots his cum straight up in the air, He opens his asscheeks and catches the cum on the way down.
"Hey moite, what have you been up to?"
"Just gave myself a New Fashion"
by CLingthelion November 4, 2011
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A sexual act in which the female, seated behind the male, massages the prostate (most conveniently with the thumb) while reaching around with both legs to administer a dual-soled foot job.
"Hey Sharon--whaddaya say to giving Ol' Willie Boy a new fashioned so I can drain my balls and still see the Phillies game."
by GW Associates October 6, 2011
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A blowjob. Since an 'old fashioned' is a handjob, a 'new fashioned' is a blowjob. A step higher! ;)
Joe: I got a KILLER old fashioned from Suzy last night!

Steve: Oh yeah, well i got a NEW FASHIONED!! >;)
by TheOneYoullNeverKnow September 21, 2011
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Just because my grandma wants to be a designer doesn't mean she can't be la creme de la creme. It's so good Marilyn Monroe is hopping out of her grave to watch.
(It is used in a sentence kind of like “sliced bread”)
GIRL! I was at New jersey fashion week and la creme had that fashion show LIT!
by satoshinaakamoto October 18, 2020
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The act of giving someone two armed hug and suddenly putting each of your thumbs in their asshole simultaneously. This is an updated version of the Old Fashioned Thumb Around.
Excited to see his high school friend, Jerry ran over to Cindy at the Baskin Robbins and gave her a new fashioned thumb around.
by Jumbo Jackson November 9, 2019
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