When you find something out and your brain can't take it.
Timmy "I was absent the day we found out our test results!! What did I get?"
Jimmy "You aced it man!!!"
Timmy: *Neurogasms*
by Neurogasms!!! December 13, 2011
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The sudden instance when your brain reaches a climactic state of ecstasy, similar to a sexual orgasm, usually caused by intense, extended periods of mutual eye contact.
It had been four long hours and Jane, now quivering with having been staring directly into the eyes of James, threw caution to the wind, at which point her neurogasm commenced.
by Daulton Washington January 18, 2012
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The event name of a series of large underground rave parties during the late 90's. The name originated from DJ Samski, the neurogasm parties events organizer who initially founded neurogasm records and neurogasm sindustries clothing. The name became synonymous in nightlife with underground, over fire-capacity half-naked crowds dancing til daylight to house and trance music to pulsating laser shows, intelligent lighting, and fire performers.
Hey matt, did you see the flyer? There is another neurogasm party in 2 weeks, venue to be announced the morning of the event. Where do you think "this" neurogasm party is going to be?
by DJ Samski November 06, 2009
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