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Did you see that girl in the lab coat, gosh she was a nerdle.
by booboob420 January 11, 2012
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Nerdle = a NON-SEXY female nerd. A SEXY & petite female nerd is a "Nerdette". If she has big tits and a big hips (but NOT big anywhere else) she is a "Nerdess" (ner-DESS, ie, Nerd/goddess).
I'd never go out with Gertrude; she's a nerdle. Now, her sister Vanna, on the other hand, I'd love to go out with her, but, she is a Nerdette, and I just am not smart enough to impress her.
by Pat & Kelly O'Brian August 13, 2006
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The raised rib on a serpintine belt.
Your lack of nerdles is making your serpintine belt fall off.
by johnnyo1986 January 15, 2010
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transitive verb: the arguments one must win to re-establish one's nerd credit
Knowing that the X-Men's headqurters had been moved from West Chester to San Francisco, Jeff had cleared his first Nerdle.
by Dickie Hemp July 13, 2012
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A cross between a nerd and a turtle - Whilst the nerd stays in dark enclosed areas , the turtle represents its slow and delicate walking phase in life.
A nerd walks 2 steps
*turtle walks* (2 steps in 8 hours)
If you combine both a nerdle is born.
by SupaaaaaH April 16, 2010
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One who revolves their life around the use of a laptop computer, while other options are available they choose not to use them.
Chad is such a nerdle he even orders his Island's food online.

Chad is a nerdle because he will not go anywhere without his MAC laptop.
by Chelissa Froepel January 07, 2009
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One of those nerdy people who alwayse wear turtlenecks and scarves. They are often British. They have glasses and usually acne. They like to think they are smart, but really they are going nowhere in life.
That nerdle will probably become a crossdresser and pedifile when they grow up.
by Non Nerdle October 31, 2005
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