Any science related media including magazines and television on the topics of math, physics, geology, cosmology etc that excites a self described nerd.
I was watching the science channel and my girlfriend accused me of wanting to look at Nerd Porn instead of her.
by Coyote628 September 6, 2013
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any catalog selling software, computer hardware, or any computer-related product
"Ooh! Nerd porn! Nerd porn!" SPLOOGE
by Paul Thundergod July 22, 2003
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Any very technical computer program, book, magazine or website being looked at by tech or trades people at work
'Oh, you're looking at nerd porn again. I'll come back in 5.'
'No, this the algorithm to diagnose parameter problems with the core structural matrix.'
'Like I said, nerd porn. I'll be back in 5.'
by hooty mcboobs November 5, 2012
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any entertainment out there that is nutriouslly deprived of factual information. It is usually out dated entertainment from a time long gone.. usually old corny, TV shows, movies, comic books, pulp fiction novels or old video games.. with sci-fi fantasy, westerns, crime, comedy, and action adventure. usually long forgottened (by the mainstream media) forsept people who are historians or totally nerds of fanatics of sometimes well known stuff like star wars star treky or super man or spider man, that is usually cult material..

It is usually seeing the relationship of similarity of creatures and land scapes of well known entertainments that have sub-chartures that are easly forgotten. stuff writers and artist steal from each other easly with out being sued for infringement.
Geek says: man did you see that artical on were that monster on star trek came from it came from that 1920s silent film that has been lost. I wish I could have found that copy of that silent film..
Nerd says back: man that is compleat nerd porn you sould get a girl friend man.
by bri fire August 2, 2011
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