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A Canadian rapper who possesses amazing talent and rapid-fire wit.

Also known as Eminem's biggest fan.
Nephie: Yo.
Everyone: OMG LYKE ITZ NEPHIE DA FAMUS RAPR!!!!!111one ::Faints - because Nephie is just that over-powering and awesome::
by Marron December 01, 2004
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the most beautiful girl in the entire world ; belongs to shannon ; an amazing rapper ; has the hottest lip ring ever
one - everyone talks about neph and acts like shes theres but shes not cuz shes shannons.
by shannon March 13, 2005
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A Canadian rapper that once possessed amazing talent and rapid-fire wit. Soon to be featured in an upcoming episode of 'Where Are They Now?'. Where they will discuss how said 'talent and rapid-fire wit' have since withered away. Like the penis of a 60-year-old man. She had talent, superstardom within grasp, but she threw it all away for some stupid girl.
Don't pull a 'Nephie' and fuck it all up.
by InsightInnit March 31, 2011
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