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A Podunk little town located almost smack-dab in the middle of Utah.
It's right outside the borders of Salt Lake County in Utah County, and Lehi is the center of population for the whole state of Utah.
It sits right next to the Utah Lake that is so polluted that living organisms are scarce, and locals are too scared to play in it.
About 88% of people living in Utah County are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints, and they love it!
Lehi has one and only high school that occupies the students of Lehi and western cities Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, and Cedar Fort. It's very over-crowded.
Traffic is ridiculous due to poor city planners, but the people are nice. And if Lehi doesn't have what you're looking for, chances are it's right near by in one of the surrounding cities.
When talking to people living in Lehi, about half of them love it there, and about half of them hate it there.
Person: Where is the nearest LDS church?
Me: There's one on every block, you're in Lehi!
by Chelseaisthebest February 20, 2009
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To applaud someone who has done a good job
it's directly translated from mandarin
Joe: I scored 1600 on my SAT, mom!
Mom: You are so lehi!
by VinceHung August 04, 2005
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