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One of the very few legitimate prank channels left on YouTube. If you're watching any other prank channels besides Nelk, you can get the fuck off YouTube.

Kyle ~ He's the best McDonalds employee out there

Jesse ~ doesn't give a fuck and always seems high
Dude, have you seen that Nelk video where the old man is hitting on Kyles chick?
by Alpha-Gaming October 05, 2017
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One of the only real prank channel's on YouTube. Consisting of Kyle and Jesse.
Bro, did you see that new Nelk video? It was a Banger
by Nelk4Life June 11, 2018
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To perform boring or demeaning computer maintenance tasks.
The server had a virus so I had to nelk for almost an hour before I could even check my email.
by p u f f March 04, 2010
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