One of the very few legitimate prank channels left on YouTube. If you're watching any other prank channels besides Nelk, you can get the fuck off YouTube.

Kyle ~ He's the best McDonalds employee out there

Jesse ~ doesn't give a fuck and always seems high
Dude, have you seen that Nelk video where the old man is hitting on Kyles chick?
by Alpha-Gaming October 5, 2017

One of the only real prank channel's on YouTube. Consisting of Kyle and Jesse.
Bro, did you see that new Nelk video? It was a Banger
by Nelk4Life June 1, 2018
The action of drinking alcohol or ingesting marijuana the word can be used in many party situations
I’m so nelked rn

When we nelking
Did u bring the nelk

The nelk dont stop
by DickSlapper0627 August 11, 2021
The most ferda YouTube channel out there. Always sending it with the boys. Leafs nation baby
Full send
Mitch-Yo did you see the fake ID card video?
Auston-Yea that vid was fucking jokes
Mitch-Yea nelk always sends it in vids
by Hdhsjejdjdj May 20, 2019
A previously averge prank channel that turned into the showcase of two rockstars (and a skinny asian dude), named Kyle and Jesse, who will inevitably crash and burn due to their uncertain life of housing, income, alcohol poisoning, and relevance.
"Shit man we'll just have to stay another month with Banks, eh" said one of the Nelk boys
by ArousedByCats June 13, 2019
the best YouTube pranksters ever
have you seen the nelk coke prank?
by tyco70 December 25, 2017
A thing, things or situation that is just so raftus and ragerness that it cant be expressed correctly.
"Bro this weekend was an absolute bender, wheeled 2 milfs and a freshy."

Response: "Buddy, ur so fuckin nelk."
by NelkyBobelky22 March 14, 2022