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In Puerto Rican culture, the word Negra/Negro can denote a term of endearment. If a Puerto Rican uses the word Negra/Negro on you from the moment they first meet you, that means they really really like you and not necessarily in a sexual way. More in a general way, like saying you are an all around cool person. I like hanging with you. Sometimes Negrita/Negrito are also used.
Negra, you're looking great, as always.
by op204 January 22, 2010
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originally from the Portuguese language, of or relating to the languages that developed from Latin, such as Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese it simple means a person of African descent.
by afrocubanreina! February 02, 2005
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a stereotypical black ghetto female, who has several children from several different men. Very loud and obnoxious. Spends more money on her hair and nails than on her bastard children.
Often heard screaming " Oh no he didn't !!!!"
That negra smells, and so do her children.
by DMo June 23, 2003
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A stereotypical word meaning an african-american. Possibly a mispronunciation of nergro. Some people dislike the word negra as much as the n-word. I suggest that you don't call a stranger a negra. Calling someone this could be as insulting as calling an african-american a "boy".
In 1850, my relatives used to own a lot of negra slaves.
by mr. stuart September 13, 2004
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Used in place of the word slave in some spanish speaking households.
Doing your sister's laundry again!?! What are you? Her negra?
by sondes April 13, 2009
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