a pro noun used to replace 'never' in a sentance, usually said in a derogitary way or similar to the sound of an aeroplane going past.
Im neer going to see you again Charlie... NEER!
by MANTDA February 17, 2010
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An adjective to describe someone or something that is obviously trying to look or sound bad ass. This is commonly used when describing music; particularly shitty Metal. This word can also be used as an interjection when one bares witness to something Neer. When used as an interjection, this word is to be said with power behind it like, " NEEEEERR" with an annoying voice.
Example 1: New Metallica is Neer.

Example 2: "Oh my god, look at this Korn music video... NEEER!"
by Mandalore96 October 12, 2011
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A Neer can be defined as a very passionate person who loves nature and respects it for his beauty and majesty. A Neer is always fluid and graceful in his movements for which he can overcome any sort of problems, no matter how difficult that problem may be. This kinds of people are very loyal once you are able to get their trust. In almost any situations, A Neer will try to stay neutral and pacifistic at all costs.
Neer is such a good person. Everyone likes him.
by A very responsible person August 10, 2020
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A word that means Engineer. Another word for Engineer
Guy 1: Yo what does that girl do?

Guy 2: Yo shes a Neer.

Guy 1: Yo Im a Neer too!! Were both Neerin!!
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by Daytony500fan February 25, 2017
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An exercise move. Say your holding 2 weights with your legs spread part, you bend your knees, say neer, and come up, laugh, then REPEAT :) hence the word laugh *

(make sure your standing straight up)
by neer101 June 25, 2009
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A word some boys and very wimpy men tend to screech when ejaculating after three minutes of fucking raw

Sex Doll: .........

B/WM: 35 seconds! That's a new record!!

Sex Doll: .........

B/WM: I fUcK rAw!!?!1!1!2!1!!!!1!
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by Chicks In Soup September 03, 2018
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