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Indian girls name meaning Beautiful Sapphire, always shining bright. Girls with this name are good, kind, happy, loving, giving, enchanting, likeable, adorable, honest, and loved by the friends and family around them. Always a pleasure to know and to be around.
Everyone should have a neelam in their life.....
by PrincessSapphire October 30, 2007
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an asian indian girl who thinks her shit don't smell and is better than everyone else
that reena is such a neelam
by neelam September 03, 2003
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a trainwreck of a girl who has disaster follow her around like that pigpen guy from Peanuts has a cloud of shit following him... but who is just so damned NICE you can't get pissed and throw sharp things at her. Kind of how you love retards, but don't expect too much from them.
Yo! That girl is one fucked up neelam! But... we should probably bake her vegetarian cookies or she'll cry.
by Yo Mama April 07, 2005
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Pulling a Neelam

When an individual is out with co-workers and continuously accepts drinks from said co-workers, so much so that they end up booking a one way ticket to yak city.
It was her last day at work so everyone took her to the bar to celebrate her getting a new job. Unfortunately she pulled a neelam that night.
by Dashooom March 24, 2011
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we you really get interested in a girl who is really safe and cute, but then the says you are annoying to her/your mates
she is wicked, too bad i got neelam by her.
by like glue October 10, 2003
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