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No. Nope. Definitely not. A short, simple expression said not only to express how wrong and stupid someones statement is, but get an extra laugh from others around the speaker. This will then draw more attention and humility to person's ridiculous remark and make them regret ever speaking.
Matt: Hey Dave, I just got a new set of Collectors Edition Pokemon Cards. Wanna See?

Dave: Oh yeah sure man, NEEJ!!!

by Tryhardforlife69 September 16, 2012
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Neej, in simple terms means β€˜No joke’.

Usually used when referencing a statement sounding quite unbelievable but very true.
Boab - β€˜that’s me aff the swally noo’.

Rab- β€˜shut it ya mad rocket. You’re a ravin alky NEEJ’
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by makRED21 September 09, 2018
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When two people are acting gay because they think it's funny
Man, Tony and Logan are Neej as fuck
by Sydneybean May 09, 2018
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Neej is the definition of the name given to the one born in God's Nakshatra. Apart from impeccable looks, he's got style and an elegant class. He has a certain crowd of people he is with, and choses to be around. Having the "PIMP STATUS" is just an inborn quality, but rewarded with equal amount of smartness, endurance, and intelligence is what goes with his personality.
I wish i could be GOD, but being Neej is no different. Oh my God! I want to be Neej!
by Albert Newton September 01, 2005
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