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When hot ass female walks by and you turn your head so fast your neck breaks.
D: Sup
R: Yo
D: So, today in...
Large booty female walks by.
Both: Oh, shit !
D: We call her neckbreaker.

R: But for real, call an ambulance.
by Caddysandfattys February 24, 2015
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A woman so fine that men break there necks to look at her as long as they can...
Marcus: "Damn, my necks sore."
Nick: "Why?"
Marcus: "There was this chick that I couldn't stop lookin at the other day."
Nick: "You mean a neck breaker?"
Marcus: "Ow, yeah."
by CrazyFireVato February 09, 2009
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When something looks so fresh, it turns heads.
Your wearing your fresh Tiger Bape Hoodie, and your Day of the Dead SB Dunks, that's a neckbreaker baby.
by Timothy Andres March 04, 2007
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neck breakers are like the ultimate nike kicks (or any other kicks for that matter) that are so expensive that when people see them and they turn around to look at the guy's shoes, that person's neck breaks
DAMNNN, he got on neck breakers!
by hippopot May 22, 2008
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A pair of sneakers that is so mind-blowingly incredible that they cause passers-by to "break necks" as they walk past, turning their heads violently in an unnatural direction so as not to let the sneakers out of their field of vision.
Those OG Jordan 1s are some real neckbreakers
by blindlemonjefferson June 09, 2010
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