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Essentially saying/meaning "kill me now", with preferably a noose; killing self, necking self, hanging self.
"Neck me"

"Just neck me"

When over everything and cant be fucked.

"I can't be fucked right now, just neck me"
by Squanisha April 04, 2017
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By saying neck me you declare you want to shove your penis all the way down the girls neck. You can do this using sign language by karate chopping your neck.
"Girl shut up and neck me"
If someone says something stupid say "Neck Me" and start karate chopping your neck
by A SQUATINGBEAR October 20, 2010
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when jonah marais from the boyband why don't we lays his neck on you in a meet and greet picture
i really hope jonah will neck me when i meet him
by bbmarais October 02, 2017
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