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To be nosey

A word from the Greater Pittsburgh
Laura so so nebby, she is aslways getting in trouble for it too.
by Katie D May 17, 2005
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1. Used Mainly in The Pittsburgh Area.
To be Nosy, snoopy, inquisitive, annoying.
(AkaNeb-Shitting, Neb-Shit,Neb-Nose)
1. Bobby-jo quit bein so nebby and get me a pop.
2. Amanda quit Neb-shittin around and grab one of dem der Ahrn City Beers.
by Amanda23Rose June 10, 2008
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A character in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

One of the main characters, Lillie, has a Cosmog named Nebby. Nebby keeps escaping out of Lillie's bag, to her dismay.

Nebby has become a meme, especially with the popularity of Reddit's /r/nebbyinthebag skyrocketing.
Lillie: "Get in the bag, Nebby!"
Nebby: "Pew!"
by Paintspot Infez January 03, 2017
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To be nosy.
Gina sure is nebby. She is always getting into my business.
Possible origin: Root word Neb means beak or similar protrusion from the head. Neb nose is also a term with the same meaning as nebby. Therefore a Nebby neb nose is always poking his/her "beak" where it shouldn't be.
by Cristina Staszel December 24, 2003
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Nosy. Most common usage in the Pittsburgh metro. Possible origin: derived from "neighborly," but since the connotation was negative, the pronunciation was distorted to indicate this.
"Sure is a lot of noise coming from our neighbors' house. You want to go over and be nebby with me?"
by Martha Jordan June 13, 2003
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Common slang in Pittsburgh. Means to be "nosey", poking into other people's business. It's derived from Old English neb, a bird's beak. Related to nib, the fountain pen tip that's shaped like a bird's beak. To be nebby is to be continuously poking around, exploring, as a bird does. Related Pittsburghese includes neb-nose and neb-shit.
I wouldn't keep that ring in your dresser drawer. You know how nebby she is.
by rubyrichard October 31, 2015
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Nebby is an ancient teacher at my Lincolnshire School. He beholds mythical qualitites that, combined with his unusual lack of self-control, enable us -his pupils- to rip the gonads out of his unascertive and permanantly lenient nature. Nebby, a teacher of Religious Studies (I use the term 'teacher' very loosely), surely must be deserving of an age named after him, and from 2006 onwards, I pronounce it 'Age of the Neb'(must be better than the Space Age or whatever one we're in now)

Nebby is a teacher who shows no discipline, and in no way at all, practises what he preaches. His favourtite sayings include 'Gordon Bennet', 'Your Going On Call', and despite being a teacher of religon 'Jesus Christ! God help me with these Bastards!!!!'. These lines have become so legendary, that they have been made part of the innaugeral 'Nebby Song', performed by the equally legendary Pear Tree Farms.

Nebby is also deserving of his own verb, 'To do a Nebby' or 'to complete a Neb movement' (Normally flailing your arms around in the rough direction of the deputy headmaster's office)To have a 'Nebby shower' means that you sit on the front row of class and get soaked by his extravagant oral juices while talking, seemingly to no-one, about The Rt. Reverend Desmond Tutu.
In one way or another, Nebby said, God must be greater than the power vested in my little finger. Being of a religion brings us one step closer to God, and ultimately one step closer to heaven, hell and terrorism.

I had a Nebby shower yesterday; It was delicious

by Becky Barnett April 12, 2006
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