1. Used Mainly in The Pittsburgh Area.
To be Nosy, snoopy, inquisitive, annoying.
(AkaNeb-Shitting, Neb-Shit,Neb-Nose)
1. Bobby-jo quit bein so nebby and get me a pop.
2. Amanda quit Neb-shittin around and grab one of dem der Ahrn City Beers.
by Amanda23Rose June 10, 2008
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To be nosey

A word from the Greater Pittsburgh
Laura so so nebby, she is aslways getting in trouble for it too.
by Katie D May 17, 2005
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To be nosy.
Gina sure is nebby. She is always getting into my business.
Possible origin: Root word Neb means beak or similar protrusion from the head. Neb nose is also a term with the same meaning as nebby. Therefore a Nebby neb nose is always poking his/her "beak" where it shouldn't be.
by Cristina Staszel December 24, 2003
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A character in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

One of the main characters, Lillie, has a Cosmog named Nebby. Nebby keeps escaping out of Lillie's bag, to her dismay.

Nebby has become a meme, especially with the popularity of Reddit's /r/nebbyinthebag skyrocketing.
Lillie: "Get in the bag, Nebby!"
Nebby: "Pew!"
by Paintspot Infez December 23, 2016
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Nosy. Most common usage in the Pittsburgh metro. Possible origin: derived from "neighborly," but since the connotation was negative, the pronunciation was distorted to indicate this.
"Sure is a lot of noise coming from our neighbors' house. You want to go over and be nebby with me?"
by Martha Jordan June 13, 2003
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Common slang in Pittsburgh. Means to be "nosey", poking into other people's business. It's derived from Old English neb, a bird's beak. Related to nib, the fountain pen tip that's shaped like a bird's beak. To be nebby is to be continuously poking around, exploring, as a bird does. Related Pittsburghese includes neb-nose and neb-shit.
I wouldn't keep that ring in your dresser drawer. You know how nebby she is.
by rubyrichard September 17, 2015
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"Nebby" is the Yiddish slang for "dorky". There is an entry before this under "nebbish" and the person wrote that it came from Hebrew. This is a common mistake, however, "nebby/nebbish" is proudly Yiddish.
I went to synagogue yesterday and all that was left over were the nebby 40-year-old guys.
by Avital August 27, 2006
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