Someone who uses programming mistakes in online games to gain an advantage over the competition.
That guy was inside of the wall when he shot me. . .what a fucking glitcher.
by Radames November 26, 2003
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Player that typically uses extraordinary timing or skill to achieve in-game feats usually not apparent to other players such as exploring blocked parts of the map or finding easter eggs- typically in first person shooter games.
"So I was glitching out of the map the other day and I totally found this supergun that kills everything"
"You're such a pro glitcher dude"
by ZetalZero December 24, 2009
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A person who takes advantage of a glitch while it exists to cheat in a game or website.
That glitcher has infinite cash, it's unfair!
by 0ptx March 28, 2020
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A public and open-source subcategory of "glitchers", or scripts in Roblox that typically feature switchable appearances tied to the keyboard, which each have their own wing attachments and style, pose animations, theme colors, theme song, name (appearing above the character's head), and "magic" attacks and abilities. The star glitcher is the first version of the glitcher, using the most basic animations and visual effects and having only a few thousand lines of code in total. This became a minor trend in the late 2010's, leading to many edits and versions of the glitcher, some of which having nearly a hundred thousand lines of code in total.

Some versions of the star glitcher and other glitchers are of high quality, some look like shart, and some are just code stolen by skids who claim them as their own.
This skid on roblox stole star glitcher and renamed it the moon glitcher. I'm banning him from all my games.
by Rhombicosidodecahedron July 9, 2023
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A glitcher fury is a person who can glitch something on purpose in a game. Most people like to call them hackers but they aren't really. The word Glitcher stands for how broken he/she feels in their life. The word Fury stands for how emotional the person is and that their emotions has turned into pure rage. A Glitcher Fury is NOT a hacker, this is cause a Glitcher Fury wouldn’t hack for information or to find stuff for fun. A Glitcher Fury would hack to release the rage he/she feels in life, even though they know the rage will always come back.
A girl found out that her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend, she goes on a game and changes the codes to mess up whatever was to perfect in her mind. That girl will live her life remembering what happened and will live with the emotions and hack games and mess with the servers to make her feel “ok.” Even though she really is hurting inside which would make her a Glitcher Fury.
by HH Explanatory November 5, 2018
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The best simp for Fezti
2m with overlord (ofc overprotected)
Polish-Lithuanian Emperor Former

The one simps for him OPPPP
Lost to Phantom Might< sub to him YT 10-6
Glitcher Tm i can't live without Fezti 😩
by SnowFlakeJrIsOPPP November 2, 2021
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When someone does something of stupidity after repeatedly being requested not to.
Person 1 - Wow, this voice call is really fun!
Person 2 - Yeah, I agree, we should play some games sometime!
Person 3 - Hey guys, can I screenshare?
Person 1 - No, please don’t, i’m running a graphic-intensive game right now.
Person 3 - Ok, i’ll screenshare.
Person 1 - What the fuck, why is my game crashing?!
Person 3 - Oh shit, i’m sorry.
Person 2 - Wow, that’s a glitcher moment.
by pocoraven April 22, 2020
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