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Naysha is a female name. It is an urban legend that Naysha is Russian meaning LIFE. However beautiful young scottish girls are often named Naysha. A Naysha is talkative, funny, and friendly chick. Sometimes a Naysha may be to hard on herself. She is always wanting to be the perfect, friend, mother, daughter, sister and wife. If you know a Naysha you have the luck of the Scotts on your side. She makes an excellent friend, very loyal and exciting.
Naysha is my BFF.
Naysha is always talking my ear off.
Dude don't freak out , you are totally pulling a Naysha.
Naysha's always talking to the walmart greeters.
by monkeyspankduderific February 03, 2010
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Naysha is a girl who tends to be very hardworking. She is a total sweetheart. She judges herself a lot and she is an emotional wreck. Most likely bipolar. She loves to do for people, even if they do not do for her. She tends to get mad easily, she is crazy and beautiful and got a big ass head. She is very smart and will have your back right, wrong or indefferent. She also loves to write and will most likely do your homework for you for free.
Hey Naysha can you help me with my homework?
Naysha: sure anything you need
by Ushebaaa April 18, 2018
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Naysha is a girl who looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll. She always has her friends and family's back.she is one of the most alluring and generous girls you'll ever meet. But she always tries to put her self first because she isn't afraid to be herself. Also she is very intelligent even if she's girly,not too mention that she loves food. She may be sensitive but she is strong in her own unique way.
Alex: hey have you heard that Naysha eats candy everyday
Nugget: yeah, you know her she loves food
by Turtle_boi July 01, 2018
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She is a crazy beautiful hardworking girl. A Naysha will drive you crazy. She is great in bed and also got a big ass head. She tends to fall for the players and heartbreakers. She will do for you even if you dont do for her. She is smart af and will most likely beat your ass and then apologize for it. She is in love with boys that have tattoos and piercings.
Yea thats Naysha, she is really smart

Dont put Naysha in a bad mood she wont do your homework
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by Ushebaaa April 18, 2018
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