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A $2.47 ticket to the worst night of your life.
As soon as I had finished downing the Natty Daddy I fell out the window and broke my femur. I live on the first floor.
by elaineisanattydaddy August 04, 2017
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1. A cheap knock-off pseudo-beer for rednecks and tasteless frat douches. Tastes like carbonated piss and guarantees a nasty hangover.

2. What you bring to the party for drinks when Four Locos are considered too "sophisticated."

3. Hillbilly fuel.
1. Brian complimented his look of four layered shirts with popped collars and fake orange spray-tan by holding onto a shimmering can of Natty Daddy.

2. Mason downed five Natty Daddy's before passing out in a puddle of his own vomit at the party last night.

3. "Billy-Bob! Hold my Natty Daddy while I try to see if I can jump my 4-wheeler over the bonfire!"
by TeddyStix October 02, 2014
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