National Emo Day always takes place on December the 19th, and is celebrated all around the world, by emo's and non-emos alike.

It is a day for emos to celbrate their sub-culture, and for non-emos to pretend to be emo, for a day. Sometimes people use the day, as an excuse tyo
National Emo Day
by BlackSouledBeast December 5, 2009
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A day for the all emos to congregate together for a mass non-celbration, and general whine about life.

Celebrated on the 19th of December.
"oh my god... My life is like, so totally HARD."
"yeah me too... I hate my life, like SO much"
"hey, you know what we should do?"
"go to national EMO day"
"omg yeaaaah!!
I mean, like. Okay, Whatever, man."
by Johnatronn December 5, 2009
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In many cases people often use this term as another for Hunting Season.
Hey Cletus it's National Emo Day, time to go kill some low life wastes of oxygen.
by Mooncricket Killer May 24, 2018
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for everyone who makes fun of emo people every fu*king day, this holiday is for you. this holiday is so you can talk to us nicely and hear why we have such a bad time in this world. listen to us and maybe you'll stop being such a dick, and be our friend instead
by CRIMSON _WOLF January 8, 2018
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May 17th. A day when most women either refuse to talk to men or decide to be nasty or somewhat rude to most guys.
Hey honey!-guy
Get the heck away from me.-woman
Must be National Emo Day for Women....-guy
by mjacs123 May 17, 2010
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One this very important day, all emo Goth/alternative presenting whores/thots get access to unlimited Montser Energy drinks, My Chemical Romance Tickets and a hair dye of their choice.
I can’t wait until National Goth Emo Thot Day(October 14)
by dede2002107 October 6, 2022
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