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The most amazing girl you'll ever meet or know but always the one who got away. Guys fall in love with her within the first 5 minutes of meeting her. The triple threat when it comes to looks (beautiful, adorably cute & sexy), fun, clever, wild, impulsive, everyone's best friend. A true adventurer at heart, she wants to see the world and experience all life has to offer (often having 50+ things going on at once). She somehow knows EVERYONE and like a magic puzzle piece is able to fit in with any group of people. Not afraid to fight for what she believes in and would take on an army for a friend. Be careful because once you meet her you are left with no choice but to fall for her and you'll never be able to get over her.
That Nataline is so incredibly amazing. - Everyone
by DrunkenLullabies March 11, 2014
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