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Natalie is a outgoing and funny person. She is pretty and smart especially in math. She doesn't care what people say about her because she has good friends. Natalie can make friends with anyone but she can be feisty. Overall, she is really cool and fun to hang out with.
by Sliced Yams March 5, 2016
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An amazing girl who will stand up for anyone and isn't easily offended by anything. Notice it has two n's and is pronounced like "AR" (Like a pirate.) not air. Arianna is the kind of person that you will have endless inside jokes with
I gotta get me an Arianna
by Sliced Yams March 5, 2016
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The amount of covid circulating in a population usually based on the percentage of positive test results.
The covidity of the area has really increased since lockdown ended.

Wisconsin has a really high covidity right now.
by Sliced Yams November 2, 2020
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