A person with great patience. He's very talented in whatever he's doing. He is friendly and always inspire the people around him. People look up to him and look forward to every move he's making. He is a trendsetter
Oh my god, i wish i can be like Nasri.
by Yezelle December 31, 2018
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-Rare name
- Real nigga
- Gets all the girls
- Literally means Victory
-Gets all the dubs
-Looks peng
You’re a Nasri, bro!
by Try hard April 15, 2021
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A man that always want to be the best and make everyone around him smiles. Love friends and own family
i want to be nasri that make everyone smile
by Rizli December 29, 2017
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A species of wild boar that can only be found in Malacca. Known to be eaten as a delicacy
by Rezha January 3, 2018
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when someone:
a) makes a highly questionable call playing a highly competetive game
b) speeds through a red light after it has been red for some time
a) When playing tennis, the ball is clearly out (on your side of the court), yet the opponent calls it in. He just did a dirty nasri on you!
b) You're in your car waiting at a red light. Suddenly, you zoom through, even though the light is clearly red. You just did a dirty nasri
by murphdizzle89 July 9, 2009
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Nasri is a person who cares a lot about what he does to his loved ones, he doesn't want to hurt them. He is a person with character but with a tender and gentle heart. Trust me if you come across a Nasri don't drop him he will make you laugh and make you feel comfortable. Nasri is a unique and charming person. He is tall with dark hair and tanned skin. You feel safe with him and as soon as he comes into your life you don't want to let him go.
"I love Nasri and I feel so good with him I want to take care of him" "you are right Nasri is so important"
by YellowPoussin November 22, 2021
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