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Nasia means God's miracle. She is very pretty and unique in a special type of way. A girl like Nasia is hard to come by. If you have a Nasia, then keep her! Nasia is goofy and loves to make people happy. She is the coolest girl around. She's laidback and real chill. Everybody wants to be her best friend. She always keeps it real with you. She doesn't like drama. Babygirl just likes to vibe. She's short and gotta big ol' booty too. And she's smart. She the type you can show off to your boys then take her home to meet your moms. Nasia is loyal and trusts in her partner with all her heart. She loves hard and does all she can to please her man. Nasia a freak but she comes off as cool and sweet to everyone else. She's super gentle and sweet. She has a beautiful aura overall. You're lucky if you're dating Nasia, related to her, are friends with her, or even just know her. She's a KEEPER fr
Guy1: You know Nasia is my girl now right?
Guy2: You mad lucky. I wish I had a girl like Nasia.
by hennywayss March 15, 2018
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Nasia a short sexy girl with a big butt. She very patient and gentle. Nasia Is very independent n smart girl. Buh if he mess with her she can turn into a grouch. That's Nasia for u
Hey Nasia
by Big dad yy 1252124 December 23, 2016
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Nasia is the short name for the ancient greek name of Athanasia, meaning immortality. In Ancient Greece, Nasias were used as whores, for the satisfaction of Lords and High-borne. Nasias tend to be dark hair colored, have dark eyes and good sized breasts.
Guy: Did you sleep with all the guys in your university?
Girl: Yes, I sleep with anyone!
Guy: oh, you are such a Nasia!
by Ancient Greece January 25, 2014
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