Naruto ia a show with no advanceing plot with a fanbase of 10yr olds who cant stay up late enough to watch adult swim and see some real anime. They say jitsu after everyother word and really piss me the fuck off. This show shouldnt have even made it on the air.
Some random example of Naruto

Some guy that follows around that other guy - "Omfg dude use your throwadagger jitsu!!!"
Teh bad guy - "bwhaha you cant hit me because i am a master in moveoutoftheway jitsu!!!"
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The "cool" anime show that Japenese school girls and everyone under 14 watches. In a few years it will suffer the same fate as Pokemon though; graduly decreasing in popularity until it becomes the thing people look back on and say "oh yeah I remember that show, wow.. I thought this was cool. I must have been such a loser when I was younger."

The kid in the orange jumpsuit who yells "Believe It" at random points in the show. Also the franchize that just will not die. How many fricken half ass games will they make for Naruto!

Also anyone over the age of 14 who still watches Naruto is considered a loser with no life. If you are one of these cases ask yourself "Do the popular people at school who don't watch Naruto think i'm cool and do they think Naruto is cool." Your answer "NO."
Naruto, like Pokemon will slowly, but surely die off into a decaying pile of crap on youtube and in your closet.

Why the hell does Naruto blurt out "Believe It" in the middle of a conversation? It makes him look like a 9 year old Japenese school girl!
by ChristianK May 04, 2007
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A great anime and manga spoiled and made gay by the younger American audiences who think they know everything about anime just because they saw it on Cartoon Network.
Male1: Hey I bought this new manga. Its called Naruto. Manga is so much better when it isnt exploited and censored.
Male2: wtf are you talkin about

4 Years Later...

Male1: I just saw this cool new anime called Naruto on cartoon network! Its censored so its good! I'm going to buy every single dvd and "book whatever you call them things that start with an "m"!!! I bet youve never even heard of it because you suck!!!!!
by xplicit69 February 09, 2006
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Some Japanese manga series by Masashi Kishimoto. The manga is pretty good, but the anime just sucks. For those illiterate people that love Naruto, learn to read, the manga is like 1000 times better. The anime also has HORRIBLE voice acting, especially the American version. The video games are worse.
A: Dude you wanna watch Naruto?
B: No, I'm reading.
A: Your reading Naruto!
B: The manga is so much better than the anime.
by dskfhsad;fh;a November 30, 2006
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Synonym for pedophile


A word used to describe people who fail in life.

person 1: *while watching an old man flirting on a 12 year old* gawd what a naruto... O_O;;;


person 1: -,- I dropped out of HS and refuse to get a job cuz im so lazy...

person 2: lawl naruto!
by kawaii tina October 27, 2007
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Naruto was a rapidly growing anime that is available in both manga and anime form. It went downhill after everyone realized what dumbfucks they were. It stars a 'hyperactive' son of a bitch blonde boy named Naruto Uzumaki. He is convinced that his values and ideals will far surpass everyone around him, including his friends, and that one day he will rule the ninja world with an iron fist. The show consists of many, many fillers, an example being sketcy, depressing flashbacks. They don't want to waste their precious time animating action, so they decided to use flashbacks that include 'awkwards silences between characters' or 'talking obsessively about another person.' More reasons this show continues to fail at basically everything is the characters. The creaters believed that they were creating simple yet ideal and interesting ninja's, but in reality, they have either no personality, and if they do, it does not befit a ninja in anyway. And also, a very sad fact has been noted that no girls exist in the anime. Fans searched very hard to find one perhaps even in the background of scenes, but not a hint of estrogen could be gathered from Naruto.
Otaku: Oh, hey dude, did you catch Naruto last night?
Common sense: Yeah, you mean that anime that sucks in every possible way you can think of?
Otaku: Yes! That's the one. ^_^
Common sense: Sorry. I was too busy having a life.
by Kokoko August 14, 2007
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