A kickass anime thats going to be on Toonami.If you like the crappy Naruto series on Toonami,watch the real Naruto and youll love it!!!
Kakashi says:Watch the original undubbed uncut version of Naruto!!!
by Marshal Banana September 01, 2005
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1. An exellent Manga and Anime series when watched in japenese or read, but an all to sinister "believe it" catch phrase is jam packed into the american manga making it really bad.

2.Fish cakes.(like in ramen)
1.Guy 1: Hey that guy loves NARUTO but only the american anime.
Guy 2: Yeah thats a shame. The japanese stuff and manga are some quality works.
Naruto Guy: Believe it, Believe it, Believe it, Believe it, Believe it, Believe it, Believe it, Believe it, Believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Guy 1: MMMMMMM... Naruto.
Guy 2: what?!
Guy 1: Fish cakes
Guy 2: yeah, those rule!!
by __1337__ September 06, 2006
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A fairly mainstream anime with many:

1. annoying fillers
2. it's on going anime/manga series that continues on and never progresses just like the DBZ series.
3.a good manga/anime back in the days.
4.caught on in the USA recently really a couple years back
5.loyal fans that follow and trail it's messy and lacking story.
6.stolen the souls of many kids who are 14 and down who all think it's the best "cartoon" in the world.Which all lead their parents into going to BAM or Borders into buying the latest manga so they can get ahead of everyone else and the anime.
7. has the most spawning game counts up next to the DBZ, Bleach franchise
8. an unbelieveable amount of cosplayers at conventions.
9. created the 'otaku' in the states.
11. The next Pokemon until it dies down again, and soon enough the USA series will catch up with Japan's series and will start to rape the world of all it's awesomeness.
12. the most annoying merchandise to see at Wallmart, Hottopic, and Fanclub
13. kids who wear Naruto headbands in stores,malls,and schools. they FAIL.
Mainstreamkid1:"OMG I SAW NARUTO LAST NIGHT! BELIEVE IT! i is so teh kuhlest animefanz eva!!!! ninjastar ninjastar"
Coolrealanimefan:"STFU and hang yourself on a tree."


Someonewhostilllovestthismanga/anime: "Stay away from the american version and stick to the original it pwns."
Formerfan: "I told myself that but I got bored and pissed off with it anyway... I grew up and started to watch manly animes!"
Someonewhostilllovestthismanga/anime: "I should do that too."

Narutard: I LUV narooto!
Me: You need to die.
Narutard: I will!<333
by Ru0ma September 23, 2007
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It's got ninjas, which is pretty cool, I guess. It's written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. He must be rich now. It's got an anime adaptation, which probably gives him more money.
Masashi Kishimoto must be hella rich because of Naruto
by Amos Nusheg February 19, 2008
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1) A popular anime about ninjas and exploiting children into killing one another. It is extremely popular all around the world and is a prime target of rule 34. If the animes Inuyasha and Dragonball Z were to spawn a baby together, the child would be Naruto.

2) The title character of the anime "Naruto". Naruto is an A.D.H.D. symptomatic ninja who has blond hair for some reason and, like most children his age, likes to read hentai comic books. He REALLY wants to be the Hokage (Ninja Village Leader) but because he has A.D.H.D., no one ever takes him seriously. He also has a demon fox sealed inside his belly button.
"Naruto is pretty cool, the only problem is that cartoon network gayed it up and had Naruto voiced by a girl. Also, blood is apparently very bad in America."
by superdawge October 01, 2009
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Naruto is a zombie of a show that just won't seem to die. It now holds the spot of the most popular manga on the world, and has three movies and three hundred episodes.
What people think of Naruto

Opinions (starting with mine)

An overrated anime that is targeted at young boys between 7 and 12 years of age. Older fans do exist, although they are rarer. If looking for a better anime, try Eureka Seven, Last Exile, Zero No Tsukaima Vandread, Evangellion, or Elemental Gelade.

Opinions (fans)

Great anime! Watch it. It's great, beleive it!

Opinions (haters)

Loved by fags and otakus that have no lives, and by teenage girls who like yaoi.
by Elan Vitar July 23, 2009
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