The most attractive looking nerd with a neat looking afro...yet, not the most attractive (low-budget) movie ever.

It had some funny parts, but there was no progression in the storyline, and there was rarely any background music.

Oh yeah, he is also a Mormon.
by Cyndane February 25, 2005
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1. A movie by the same name. 2. The "anti-hero" protagonist in the movie by the same name. The character appeals to teenagers and young adults for his indifference to standard areas of conformity facing adolescents: Napoleon is indifferent to popularity among peers-- he not only does not try to be popular or athletic; he does not care to be. This quality in Napoleaon appeals winningly to adolescents who are pressured to conform to their peer groups' ideals.
Naopleon's unselfish loyalty to "outsider" ethnic minorty, Pedro, appeals to adolescents as well as to adults. Depsite Napoleon's lack of conformity he succeeds in several aspects of his life as depicted in the film.
Napoleon Dynamite is indefferent to acceptance by his peers.
by dmaxwell November 05, 2006
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A movie that was an indie-flick. For about ten seconds after its release. Then everybody and there stupid prep brother saw it and immediatly started overrquoting/misquoting it. Now every prep or emo pretends to be deep and relate to the movie. This movie was stolen from the indie kids! Its our movie bitches!
prep:Did you see Napoleon Dynamite 16 yet.
emo:ya that movie was so deep, i like cried for eight hours.
anyindiekidinU.S.A:both of you stfu that was originally an indie flick and you both fuckin know it.
emo:oh man (cries)
by zack novark October 28, 2006
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a good movie that isnt funny after the second time that has absoutley no plot
"Tina you fat lard! Come and eat!"
"Aww but my lips hurt real bad!"
by comment January 13, 2005
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the best flippin movie EVER gosh u frickin idiots u gotta c it if not im gonna get the butt load of gangz in my school ta kick ur tots cuz they're pretty good with a bow staff GOSH
napoleon dynamite iz da sexiest nerd in da world IDIOTS ima rape him in his face
by UR MOTHER'S NOSE February 10, 2005
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Those who did enjoy Napoleon Dynamite to some estent, but are now appauld by the shear magnitude of over-quoting done by their peers.
<<Dumbass>>Dude, i need my chapstick!
<<Anti-Napoleon>> Shut up and come up with something funny to say!
by DesZebre February 07, 2005
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Someone with superior charisma and dance flare.
1. That Jason dude is a serious napoleon-dynamite.

2. "When he starts to dance, the woman slide of their seats."
by wolfgangamadeusphoenix November 15, 2011
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