Names written by people who obviously love spamming the internet with their useless self-esteem boosting and can't resist writing the word "sexy" and praising their body parts in their meanings. Many of these desperate people feel that they have a better chance on Urban Dictionary then on an online dating website, rendering them a complete mockery of the human brain. Either that, or they are hoping for a miracle that some dream human will read the definition and pick their way to the writer in complete belief that whatever is written in the meaning is completely true.
"Gracie has a killer body with amazing curves and a sexy bust. Arouses men without realization. Legendary in bed. Very beautiful and interesting. Loves to cuddle in bed after a romantic evening; the perfect lover and knows how to make one feel like the center of the universe with a single glance."
"An extremely attractive individual who sets the standard for others by being completely and undeniably amazing in every way possible. Worshiped for having the finest ass in America, and getting the most wanted action from girls. Basically, Ricky is a beast."
"Everybody sounds the exact same in the names on Urban Dictionary."
by Puntama June 17, 2015
Self-Loving descriptions of People with low self-esteem
"Tobias is a super name for someone with a six pack and sexy abbs I want a Tobias more then anyhting he is funny creative brave selfless and strong physicly and mentally"
"Did you get that shit from Names on Urban Dictionary ?"
"... yes."
by Logan76667 November 10, 2013
People who have such a large goddamn egos, that they jerk themselves to the fucking point that they right Urban Dictionary definitions for their name, only to than screenshot it and send it to a friend.
"All the Names in Urban Dictionary are so acurate"
".... Your fucking r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d"
by BigFactsMan November 3, 2018
People who write their own name with positive definitions.
Names on urban dictionary:

Harold- The coolest guy on earth. Always cheers you up no matter what and is really funny.
That's not true. He is a 27 year old who drinks alcohol, plays fortnite, and has no sense of humor.

Billy- The sweetest boyfriend on the planet that all the hot chicks want.
False. Billy is a 19 year old virgin and has no girlsl.
by BigSmoke40 November 24, 2020
either a current boyfriend that jerks off their ego or someone with that name themselves jerking off their ego
guy 1: dude i just searched my name up on urban dictionary

guy 2: nice what did it say
guy 1: it said im great in every way
guy 2: thats pretty inaccurate

guy 1: yeah i hate names on urban dictionary
by an exhausted fisherman December 14, 2020
Your opportunity to go on Urban Dictionary and make a super flattering, overly embellished definition describing the name you carry.
Peter: See? You can put Your Name on Urban Dictionary, and make a definition for it.

Steve: Says here “Peters” are the sweetest, kindest men.

Peter: Damn right.

Steve: That’s bullshit, though. Cause you’re a piece of shit.

Peter: Yeah, but putting this down helps me and other Peter’s feel better about ourselves.
by Chuds McGee October 1, 2019
What everyone should stop doing. We are sick of name definitions, and most rightly get rejected
OMG stop adding names to urban dictionary
by Threadkilla May 19, 2015