"Hello" and "goodbye" in India. Like "aloha," but said while clasping both hands (like in prayer, I guess) in front of you.

A slightly more formal variant is "namaskar."
Going in: "Namaste."
Going out: "Namaste."
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
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1. A word commonly utilized by Yogis (yoga instructors) and yoga partakers as well as overly spiritual individuals
2. A type of sea vegetable
3. The only word Andrew Zimmern could utter when he first tasted durian
1. Yogi: Namaste!
Female yoga partaker: Namaste! ;)

2. Screw kelp, you gotta try namaste! Tastes like chicken.

3. (Chews durian for the first time. Spits out instantly.)
Andrew Zimmern: Namaste!
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Buddhist word - said at the end of a mediation, along with "om shanti" - meaning peace be with you etc
by Zharzi July 21, 2005
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Slang used by people who are phonetically challenged and are not versed with the teachings of yoga. Or they are drunk at the time and it is pronounced,

Word of the Day: Namaste
Used in a sentence:

My friend: "you going out tonight"?
Me: "Namaste My Ass At Home"
yoga slang drunk lonely funny phonetics Ebonics namaste
by Funny 4 Real Real (F42R) January 30, 2016
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a really formal way of saying hi in some asian dialect, but if you're a chiller it means "peace out" or "wats up."
eryn: "my rides here see ya later"
grey: "namaste"
by G Sherif July 20, 2005
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