An amazing guy with his own show on the travel channel. He travels the world eating one nasty thing after another. Does a wonderful job describing what things taste like, although we have to wonder if bugs can be, "delightfully crunchy and slightly citrus-y." ?

The host of an incredibly good show, go watch it.

Friends with Anthony Bourdain, another awesome guy.
Did you see the one where Andrew Zimmern ate a pretzel that was actually a worm and said it was good for people watching there carbs?!
by Athyraslove July 20, 2008
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The gastronaut of The Travel Channel who gives us the TV program "Bizarre Foods". He travels all over the world to tell us about delicacies like hakarl (Icelandic rotten shark meat) and Taiwanese fried tea leaves.
With all the strange foods that Andrew Zimmern eats, it's a wonder you don't hear about him prying at the porcelain throne!
by pentozali September 22, 2008
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