“Namaslay” is a life philosophy that mixes old-world yogic principles with a modern can-do attitude. It marries namaste, the ancient yogic greeting that means “the light in me acknowledges the light in you,” and the contemporary slang term slay, which for our purposes means “to go out there and kill it at whatever it is you're working on—your job, your relationship, your life.”
Namaslay all day!
by Enigmanlyman February 22, 2018
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Recognize and impressed; amused and intrigued
Namaslay all day! The slay in me recognizes the slay in you!
by Rebel_1 August 26, 2016
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The zen-like zone you get into when riding gets wavy on your bike at a trail, park or just when things come together extra dreamy.

You almost forget the ride because you were so in the zone.
Josh: Man, I nearly rode straight into that tree just now, I don't know why they always jump out in front of me!?

Jordan: I don't even remember the entire trail, I was just getting loose and having a gnarly time.

Josh: namaslay man, namaslay.
by ichbintimothy May 29, 2017
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