The name Nakita does not mean she is a slut or bitch, Nakita is a name that means “Protector of the people” the name nakita has many meanings, though I cannot say them all, The name Nakita has more of a personality then looks, she could surely surprise you!
Person: I’m happy your my friend!
Nakita:How so?
Person:Your such a great friend, I’m actually quite lucky.
by Emotionless smiles November 7, 2019
1.) Girl who is only pretty in the eyes of another.
2.) Bella Virgen(pronounced Ba-ja vur-jan)
Meaning Beautiful Virgin
For example:
Person 1 "Oh look at Nakita, She is so Beautiful"
Nakita "How could anyone think that? I'm so plain."
by Nakita Clark September 11, 2008
Nakita is the hottest girl that ever walked this planet! Please, if I knew Nakita I would totally wanna date her! Nakita rocks my world!
by anonymous October 17, 2004
Nakita loves to jiggle her booty knowing how much it makes them cum
That's a big booty you got Nakita!! can i please go balls deep.
by uppyoursbitch May 12, 2019
She is the sluttest bitch you will ever meet
" Wait is that Nakita?"
"Yer dude you can see her arse!"
by Lola2020 May 11, 2016
Super duper panda dragon that shall eat all normal dragons and pandas.
"Ohmygawsh, look at Nakita-Kitagawa! She's evil."
by Nakita-Kitagawa May 1, 2005