Naked chicks, referring to small, prepubescent chickens that have been recently stripped or shaved of their fur, in order to cook them mother fuckers for breakfast.
ya dig?
yo them Naked chicks are naked as fuck, start the grill Dave you saucy mother fucker.
by Mlk_Tiddies August 1, 2019
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A response of agreement used when your buddy comes up with an exceptional idea or plan. Said as if you were wishing hot naked chicks to just appear and congratulate your bud by seductively rubbing themselves all over him. Not to be used sarcastically. But if used sarcastically, I guess it'd be ugly naked chicks. Ewww.
Buddy, "It'd be faster if we stop digging this pit with our hands and start using shovels, maybe even get a backhoe."

You, "Naked chicks, dude!"
by Jojobeed November 29, 2010
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