Naked Women are better then double-dong dildo's & hey! That shit's pretty damn good. :)
by BRiTTANY BREAKDOWN July 26, 2006
An 8 year old who felt like being naughty and snuck upstairs in their mom's room and went on their laptop to search 'Naked Women' which as he grew older had a porn addiction which led to his divorce with his wife leading his life to drugs and alcohol who soon grew an interest into prostitutes when on one occasion the condom broke but before the baby is born the prostitute has as an abortion with the money he have her and leaving him with no money who is now in debt and bankrupt who then died to suicide.
Shit dude I'm scared I just searched 'Naked Women' and im now scared for my life HELP!!!
by [N A M E] October 13, 2019
Where women get naked and play football with each other.It is a popular spectator sport of men when ever it is played. The women mainly play it for men. It is most often played byteen women at a secluded hang out for teen men.
by Deep blue 2012 March 26, 2010
Where women get naked and play basketball. A game men love to watch. That is with all those tits bouncing up and down. They mostly play it for the men.
Most often played by teen women for teen men at a secluded hang out.
by Deep blue 2012 March 28, 2010