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an Arabic female name that means

1. Passionate

contrary to the former two entries

2. 'secret conversation with God'

3. An awesome girl who broke the heart of the loser contributor in number 2.

4. Also the name of several famous dancers and singers, such as Najwa Karam, Najwa Foad, and Najwa Nimri.
The name's Najwa, and no, you don't pronounce the J as you would in Spanish, dumbass.
by shh_itsasecret February 22, 2010
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A beautiful, wonderful creature in the world
Owhhhh, How I wish that Iโ€™m a Najwa
by Beriaru sama April 06, 2018
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walking sex. usually has an amazing ass. tall. sexy. long dark hair. when you see her you are like bowchickawowow. extremely seductive. heartbreaker. very funny. gorgeous eyes. usually of middle eastern or exotic decent. very flirtatious. looks like she is dangerous, but is actually so sweet. Also usually an amazing dancer. Will blow you out of the water. The type of girl that makes you want to leave the one you are with. Keeps you coming back for more. Super loving and caring, but makes you want to get her naked right away. Has amazinf legs that you want to wrap around yourself.
She is such a najwa. You have to keep her.
Damn that girl is so exotic she must be najwa.
by notrejoey April 10, 2011
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How to desc
- A famous girl that will always be the second choice
- passionate girl
- lovely, caring
- intelligent
-Najwa meant is 'secret conversation' ๐ŸŒน
by Jsychwg July 31, 2018
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A very unpleasant person, place, or thing. A natural disaster. Tears people and things down to make itself feel better.
"That girl is such a Najwa."
"Maggie, you don't every want to grow up to be a Najwa."
"Everyone take cover, it looks like a Najwa is brewing."
by NT James February 23, 2004
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