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Najay is a handsome boy, very calm when not bothered.
He is a player at times but have that one girl he loves.
Easily irritated by things, also he has a heart that hard on the outside but inside is soft as cotton but often he tries to hide it. A perfection on the outside BT you have to search for his inner-self .
Very strong , intelligent, skinned built young man.
Always love a najay truly
I wish I was najay's girlfriend
by Cutiipie2 August 31, 2018
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A tough girl who likes to party and get wild, she doesn't like everyone but loves the ones who cares. She might get on your nerves sometimes but she is the most sweetest girl you can ever meet. She is pretty, tall, funny, smart, athletic, and friendly. She always wears cute fashionable clothes and never ever wears Bobo's she is the best friend you could ever have in this world. Especially to be by your side to keep from harm. Never loose a Najay she would do great for a girlfriend.
Najay is a smart caring on fleek person to be with.
by Syalatterrr January 09, 2015
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