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She's a really shy person and prefers to be alone because she's uncomfortable being around people not to mention her lack of social skills. This is because of the past that she's been through that makes her into this kind of a person.

She has trust issues, but if you managed to gain her trust, consider yourself as lucky. She doesn't really trust people because every time she does, she'll end up hurting.

Once you're closer to her, you'll know everything about her except for the hidden truth. A Nadhirah always keep everything to herself, even when she's hurt or desperately need someone by her side or to calm her down she still acts like she's fine. A Nadhirah could also probably be an actress because no one EVER notices the fact that she's not okay.

You may see a Nadhirah being really happy, cheerful and carefee ALL THE TIME and you could be jealous of her for having such a happy life, but most of them are just acts to make people think that she's okay and not facing any obstacles in life.
She's also really sensitive and also hates arguments & fights. She wants a peaceful world and nothing more.
Person 1: Hey Nadhirah how can you be SO happy all the time?
Person 2: I know right! You're always so happy, I'm pretty sure you've never felt sadness or any negative emotions!
Nadhirah: Oh well what can I do? I'm just born to be happy all the time HAHAHAHA

Also Nadhirah: *mumbles "if only they know this is all an act to prevent them knowing how I really feel..."*
by Cat&animelover December 28, 2017
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Cool yet weird at times.
This person is faithful to both another person and to God, Himself.

She tends to have beauty that exceeds the norm and is funny in the most annoying way possible to human kind.
"Bro, This weird bitch looks like a nadhirah. She damn hot tho."
by Jumpy Starfish December 27, 2016
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Someone who is pretty, very special and a happy-go-lucky person that can make some people love her because of her personality and she is a very strong girl with a good looking and she's perfect to be a friend. she's can be so cheesy and sweet talker, she's love to fall in love. she like praises, she's kind, easy to forgive someone and most importantly is they have a good voice to sing.
nadhirah's future husband: " Ouch, my eyes! "
nadhirah: " why sweetheart? "
nadhirah's future husband: " when I see you .. my eyes get hurt, maybe its because you're nadhirah, always shining bright "
nadhirah: " awwwhhhh , hubbby ( blushing) !! "
by zxcvbnmmnasdfghjkhihgrasfgh December 28, 2017
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